Hi all, I am Sarah Nycole, founder of TrainQuality!

Throughout my life I have always been an active person. From playing sports, working out, to practicing many styles of yoga, to bike riding and beyond. No matter the season I am always moving and exploring my bodies abilities. 

These days my personal focus of training and yoga practice center around keeping my body and mind functional and healthy. With time, age, and past injuries I have learned to love and understand my bodies abilities. 

I believe that the more we work with and spend time getting to know our own body and its abilities the more we will get out of our physical practices and everyday life.


The body and breath will speak if the mind is willing to listen.  

Have faith in your journey.

Everything had to happen 

exactly as it did to get you

where you're going next!

-Mandy Hale


  • Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

  • 200 hr Mystical Yoga - School Yoga Institute, Peru

  • 200 hr Astanga & Vinyasa - Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India

  • 50 hr Yin Yoga - Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India

  • 20 hr The Functional Approach to Yin Yoga -
                                                   Paul Grilley,  Pranamaya.com

  • Kid's Yoga - Kidding Around Yoga 

In Progress:

  • 300 hr Advanced Yoga - My Vinyasa Practice

  • Teen KAY - Kidding Around Yoga

  • Women's Fitness Specialist - NASM